Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage

Lloyd pk 2  240713lloyd Park Sharing Heritage 240713lloyd park 240713Today was the very first meet-up for a very new project concerning the shared history of Lloyd Park. It began with a walk about in the grounds although I would have thought that if we were sharing history of the place we’d all be familiar with it all. A previous show of hands showed that in fact hardly anyone frequented Lloyd Park  in Forest Road Walthamstow E17 before and after its multi-million pound lottery drop renovation.

I have known the rats of the place and the stinking aviary of poo- dripping budgies. I have followed my 2007 Waltham Forest Camera Course in the grounds photographing over-photographed trees and spider-webs. I knew and loved the brown-ness of the entry to the William Morris Gallery.

So about fifteen people and some of those with their carers turned up which was more than I expected having been often the only participant at the point of entry for community projects. People found it hard to commit to the big 6 month programme let alone to sign the Waltham Forest monitoring form. How will we share? A task indeed. Some people were irritated that the project was weekday especially as the 50+ age group was invited to join and don’t fifty year olds still work?

Before and during the Lympics,  Waltham Forest was doing Nothing for its seniors: That’s why Up Your Street recommended events in Newham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney. I am excited about Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage and I know others ain’t necessarily so. Waltham Forest came alive.


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