Bruce Castle Museum quilting taster.

“At last” said an Up Your Street subscriber. “A workshop served with passion and with time allowed for chat, tea and a good one hour lunch-break.

Angela was the facilitator and Katrina, the quilting tutor in the non-public room at Bruce Castle Museum. It was a free day workshop with every flavour of tea on the table.

Quilting from  basic was the order of the day and in the mix were information bytes about local women from the Tottenham past, the Moselle River project and quilts world-wide.2013-08-07 10.26.53 2013-08-07 10.28.21

It was fantastic because the two women in charge were full to the brim with enthusiasm  about quilting today. The  women participants were all friendly. Needles were shared.2013-08-07 14.39.11

Last week there was a talk at The Museum about precious restored samplers and embroidered maps. Today  the Museum curator allowed quilters to breathe on them!

2013-08-07 14.02.04

2013-08-07 14.01.49

The 123 bus can take you from Lloyd Park in Walthamstow aka William Morris Gallery to the gates of Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham. North London. Pretty goodly cultural.

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