Centre for Better Health Bakery.


Had to get to Stean Street in Haggerston right next to Haggerston Station in Lee Street Hoxton and in the same road that Ronald Kray was living at some time. Not that I want to celebritize anyone. Haggerston? Hoxton? Who kens? One’s a desert and one’s got some leaves. Well, found the Bakery on the back street. Notice it’s ‘bakery’ and not ‘the bakers’. Fine enough. I just wanted to sit and eat some crust. Nothing below a pound there and no seats to be had.  I did open my bag to find my lonely tenner but just could not give over three pound odd for a loaf I can make myself. Turned on my trainer rubber and got the 242 towards Homerton.

The Centre for Better Health advises us that it trains people who “might be distanced from the workforce” (like it!)  to bake bread and learn transferable skills. I used to work in the Post office catering section off Wentworth Street next to Petticoat Lane Market back in the day. Then the large companies were obliged to employ people with special needs. However Black people were not allowed on the serving hatch because “the customers don’t like it”. The customers were P.O. employees!

I like the CFBH bakery but I don’t know anyone who’d pay four quid for a loaf. I like Warburton’s Toast bread sometimes. I love home-made bannocks.

The second hand shop in Narrow Way is still there booming out the sultry sexual voice of Rufus Wainwright , probably Judy Garland’s biggest fan. (Don’t yer jus’ love ‘im?)

There was a group of zanily-dressed people moaning about the hipsters of Dalston and the pop-up shops and the banks of mummy and daddy. Meanwhile the very same recently moved in hungry-looking ones were right in the shop buying up the vintage shirts and Proust’s poetry. I found my golden threads for sewing and went on my way starving by this time. A 20p banana from Sainsbury’s did the trick and I hauled my tired body into Kings Hall for a Better swim.

Fantastic it was. Old as ever and dirty-looking on the tiles but a good long- overdue experience.

Day nearly done. Tesco did me a deal on lambs’ hearts so into the oven they went stuffed with garlic and bay leaves, parsley and spices.

Booked my free tickets to the Canary Wharf Hilton Hotel do in late September and Fanny’s your aunt.


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