Sparrows and bread pudding.

Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage No.4

Oh Mother, forgive me for I have sinned: I had two pieces of bread pudding at Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage today.

We can all “Google” about sparrows or like me be happy to have grown up with them, those once familiar visitors to gardens, squares and the peckers and sharers of stale white un-sellophaned loaf. But only Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage members can be the seniors to be seen meandering through unknown paths, nettle patches and by ancient trees to listen out for sparrows cheeping away. We were adorned with heavy field binoculars today, a biography of the male and female of the Sparrow species and were jolly in a not tropical tiresome heat.

.LPSH 140813

It was great fun. Often Fitzroy would hush us and we’d all look upwards into an old tree from Lloyd Park’s past. Or we’d rush to a hole in the fence to peer into someone’s back garden having seen a movement nearby. We got to know each other a little more. There’s Sandra the artist, and Steve  our volunteer photographer who’s been in and out of The William Morris Gallery for years and used the Park as his playground. Craig told us all about his nan’s love of Valentine’s Park over in Ilford.

Last year 6 sparrows were spotted and recorded in Lloyd Park’s “Sparrow Watch”. Today we counted a flock of ten and a tame male sitting on the boundary fence. Cheeky chappy. Looks like they are very sociable birds.


Informally, we did a little evaluation of the project. Everyone is positive partly because we find ourselves to be a nice mix of people interested in sharing knowledge and experiences and trying new stuff too.

The Park is always full of pre-school kiddies. Today at the entrance was the free screen-printing workshop by ELMO, East London’s Mobile Workshop. Looks fun. The play area and the willow tunnel were busy.

willow walk 140813 LPSH

All very good.


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