Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage. Trees

2013-08-31 13.06.28

2013-08-31 13.08.23

2013-08-31 13.09.18Although Lloyd Park’s renovation project  included the removal of 131 trees, 192 new mature trees and 400 whips have been planted in their place. Lloyd Park maintenance team are keen to maintain a large and healthy population of both structured amenity trees and trees that provide mixed habitats for wildlife. There are Yew, Willow, London Plane, Oak, Silver Birch, Lime, and Horse Chestnut giants.

Have you all seen the tree grown into the fence? 2013-08-31 13.09.05

There are squirrels tamer than the tribes at Valentine Park, Ilford.

Another good place to see total greenery and trees in Waltham Forest is the approach from Whipps Cross Roundabout down Lea Bridge Road onto Knotts Green. Trees and greens. In fact more trees have been planted on the piece of grass adjacent to Essex Road but the benches have been removed. Boo. Then the top of Barclay Road where you can see from the hill into the valley. There are trees galore, probably all slapped with conservation orders. Just boo’iful. Course the houses are delicately beautiful too and they’re definitely protected. Tis the Village. William Morris used to hang about up there a bit away from The Water House but he would have had a carriage.

Fitzroy Johnson’s poem follows. See blog entry 29th August 2013

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