Up Your Street issue 34

Fri 23rd Aug free 6-9pm at Walthamstow Library but book with Waltham Forest Libraries “Eid Milan” celebration.

Wed 28th Aug free 10-noon Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage E17 meet for their weekly session refreshed by bread pudding (nay, honey-cake from Sue!), tea and jolly good company. All places reserved.

.2013-08-03 14.20.16

free  6-7.30 Poets, listeners, readers. It’s all happening at 1a Darnley Rd Hackney when Cirillo hosts ” poetry evening” every fortnight. Read out your own. Share some laughs and stories.



Coming in September  screening of Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” at St Margaret’s hard-pewed Church in E11. £5.50 for WF residents, plus a self-guided walkabout taking in E11 Underground Station. Booking required.

IMAG001428Madge Gill’s work.


Cathall Green Arts on Sept 7th

Free classical concerts at Christ Church Spitalfields (Thanks to Jan of Spitalfields for  sharing that info.)

Hedgerows and Heritage at Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage.

Lloyd Park entrance to WMG                                                  2013-07-31 09.56.33                                                               lloyd park 240713

One of the jobs for the “Green Gym” volunteers to do before 2019 is to plant new hedges in Lloyd Park. Hedges provide habitats for birds and insects and running mammals.

From Friends of Lloyd Park.

“It is proposed that tenders will be sought from environmental conservation charities to operate a programme of ‘Green Gym’ type practical nature conservation projects in Lloyd Park that engages the voluntary participation of the local community.  These projects will help volunteers to improve their physical health, gain new skills/experience, new friends, improved social skills, improved mental health and well-being.  The contract period will be from 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2019.

The Coach House will be upgraded to provide an operational base for the successful charity to store materials, provide a small office/mess facility for charity staff and volunteers.

Examples of activities to be held in Lloyd Park are likely to be:

Habitat creation

Tree/hedge/shrub/bulb planting.
Creation of mini-beast homes e.g. stag beetle loggery, mini-beast hotel.
Construction of bat boxes and bird boxes.
Planting up the moat and wetland scrape areas.

Wed 21st Aug 2013 “Hedges”. Enjoy free activities exploring the heritage of Lloyd Park.  Heritage   of Hedges Do a biodiversity survey of the park’s hedges .”

Do you remember back in the day, if you were in London then, that Privet hedges were everywhere making boundaries between properties and the streets. “Biodiversity” was not a word then! In the Northern Isles of Scotland I had a Fuchsia hedge and it was high and dripping with red flowers in August. The postman hated it because he couldn’t see around the corner in his red van and kept making remarks about it being cut down. Flowers were rare there so I was not going to give up colour for him. It’s very presence was a photographer’s delight.

                                                              dripping fuchsiaCharcoal drawing of a Fuchsia bloom by Gillian Lawrence.

dripping fuchsia in College Rd e10 Fuchsia in College Road E10 July.2013

Privet Hedges                                  privet

Hawthorn Hedges                          hawthorn


Up Your Street Issue 33

Sat 17th Aug  free noon-4pm Stratford & West Ham Summer Festival   A FREE fun festival for all the family, live music, sports, arts and crafts. Stratford Park West Ham E15


                            free 11-1pm Leytonstone  Library E11  Screening “Life Of Pi”. Booked places but you never know. Might be some empty chairs.

Sun 18th Aug  free 8-10pm Floating Cinema at Lea Rowing Club Clapton by Springfield Park Hackney. Screening of “Mystery River”, all about the River Lea, by Michael Smith (The Culture Show). This is for interest only as last ticket just went.

Mon 19th Aug  Is it free? 10am Walthamstow Borough Bowls Club, Lloyd Park. Call for recruits especially women

·         Practice Mondays 10am. Club matches Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoons.

·         Enjoy social or competitive bowling. New members, including beginners and all ages, are very welcome. Join our friendly club to meet new people, improve your health & wellbeing and get outdoors. We play on a synthetic green, which is easier to bowl if you have mobility restrictions.  Everyone welcome. For further information: 02089231148 or Bob.belam@gmail.com

Thanks to Fitz for the info.

                                free Butterfly Walk at Larkswood. see issue 32

Tues 20th Aug.  free Leyton Flats walk  see issue 32

Wed 21st Aug    free  10-noon.Bruce Castle Museum, Haringey. Book  for artist’s embroidery workshop.

                               free  Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage. Seniors meet 10-noon at the Community building in the Park. Programme of activities for participants aged 50+.


Teasels. the craft shop in Bakers Arms E10 is closing down after the Summer Holidays. Massive reductions on yarns and threads, wool and other sundries.




Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage, Victorian gardens.

The Registry Office in Grove Road E17 used to be the vicarage for a St Stephen’s Church. I was looking at the garden today and fancied it was Victorian in design and possibly in history. But no. It’s a 1996 garden and under the flower beds are the remains of the foundations of the church. There’s an ugly modern building called St Stephen’s around the corner. Grove Road has some beautiful houses and fronts some of which are called “villa”.

. 2013-08-15 14.09.24 2013-08-15 14.09.27 2013-08-15 14.10.25

Today the rear garden as it’s called, which was built as a backdrop for wedding photos and is now a wildlife refuge, was past its best.

Poetry and bread.CFBH Hackney.

Poetry and all things literature at The Centre For Better Health.

Our numbers were decimated last night what with poets being off with air-borne infections but that never stopped the rest of us spouting our own rhymes or not and sharing ideas about ‘soul love’, hope and things not staying the same. “No condition is permanent” as they say in my house and on mammy wagons back  in the tropical day.

It’s good to be present when others produce the seed of a novel or the makings of an anthology. We meet every fortnight at 1a Darnley Road all for free.

Sparrows and bread pudding.

Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage No.4

Oh Mother, forgive me for I have sinned: I had two pieces of bread pudding at Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage today.

We can all “Google” about sparrows or like me be happy to have grown up with them, those once familiar visitors to gardens, squares and the peckers and sharers of stale white un-sellophaned loaf. But only Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage members can be the seniors to be seen meandering through unknown paths, nettle patches and by ancient trees to listen out for sparrows cheeping away. We were adorned with heavy field binoculars today, a biography of the male and female of the Sparrow species and were jolly in a not tropical tiresome heat.

.LPSH 140813

It was great fun. Often Fitzroy would hush us and we’d all look upwards into an old tree from Lloyd Park’s past. Or we’d rush to a hole in the fence to peer into someone’s back garden having seen a movement nearby. We got to know each other a little more. There’s Sandra the artist, and Steve  our volunteer photographer who’s been in and out of The William Morris Gallery for years and used the Park as his playground. Craig told us all about his nan’s love of Valentine’s Park over in Ilford.

Last year 6 sparrows were spotted and recorded in Lloyd Park’s “Sparrow Watch”. Today we counted a flock of ten and a tame male sitting on the boundary fence. Cheeky chappy. Looks like they are very sociable birds.


Informally, we did a little evaluation of the project. Everyone is positive partly because we find ourselves to be a nice mix of people interested in sharing knowledge and experiences and trying new stuff too.

The Park is always full of pre-school kiddies. Today at the entrance was the free screen-printing workshop by ELMO, East London’s Mobile Workshop. Looks fun. The play area and the willow tunnel were busy.

willow walk 140813 LPSH

All very good.