In The Stow

Issue 1 from Churchill Estates E17 was delivered to my door today:  (On A Sunday?!)

What a piece of work! Here is an extremely informative and glossy guide to what’s going down in Walthamstow including a section on schools in the hallowed borough bit. I like it because the author includes establishments that have been around for ages, those what began the hype without knowing it.

The market was down in the doldrums but is on its way up again and the success of the climb will be partly because of Churchill Estates E17 through “In The Stow” doing what it does best….selling.

Looking forward to issue 2 .

Thought there was a jolly positive vibe in the pages.

PS There’s an exhibition at Walthamstow Library all about Warner Estates as were.

Issue 37. Up Your Street

                                 Found for seniors. Up Your Street

Mon 9th Sept free noon-2pm. Seniors  get together at Lea Bridge Library. The Mill E17 hosts. Drop in.

Wed 11th Sep free 10-noon Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage. Animation film preparations. This project is possibly fully peopled.

Thurs 12th Sep free 6-9pm  Poetry readings at The Mill, E17. Invitation only featuring artist Esther Neslen.

                                        free 7-10.30pm  Walthamstow Library but book with Waltham Forest Libraries “Django Unchained” screening.

Sat 14th Sept free  7.30 for 8pm with shared food. News from Nowhere Club at The Epicentre, West Street. E11 

Brewers, Badgers and Barges:
the story of the rivers and coastal trade of East  London with Katy Andrew

Meanwhile by local artist, Lucy Harrison


FREE   remember Carnaby Street in its heyday?
Over 6 weeks, Thurs 5th Sept to Sun 20th Oct 2013, the Carnaby Echoes pop-up cinema and exhibition space presents 13 newly commissioned films by Lucy Harrison, alongside rare archival films, photographs and publications of Carnaby’s hidden music heritage.
20 Foubert’s Place, Carnaby, W1F 7PL Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 12-6pm

Along a main road in east London.

0300h A fox sniffed around the black bags which didn’t get into the Borough brown compost bin then wee-ed over the abandoned settee.

0310h Van-driving  scavengers removed a glass top table from the neighbours’ pre-chucked out -mattresses pile.

0400h Our night-working neighbour returns home, parks his car and sets his bins for the refuse gangs in the morning.

0800h  A beautiful scavenger woman and her child root in the bins and retrieve saucepans galore, sniff spent soap then tidy the litter. Off they trundle pushing her stroller.

0830h Refuse gangs carry away our rubbish.

0832h Sweet rain washes the streets.


What, No Gargoyles!

That walk up from Stratford to Bow is non-eventful and a bit desert-like: Not many trees until you get to Bow and what’s Bow got? No, seriously… What’s Bow got? A church, Three Mills behind a Tesco on a miserable dirty main road and The Nunnery in the artists’ quarter, as the artists call their up and coming place, wherever that is.

I found Grove Hall Park

2013-09-01 12.38.33

behind the Nunnery with its al fresco Sunday breakfast and the smell of eggs to turn your stomach while you’re trying to get immersed into Alexis’ gorgeous art in the exhibition at Bow Arts.

2013-09-01 12.22.06 2013-09-01 12.22.10 2013-09-01 12.22.15 2013-09-01 12.22.53

I walked the walk with my camera-phone because I was on a mission, a reccy for my next piece of RAGWORKS. How Stratford changed! It was once a dirty hole. I saw the new Birkbeck Uni Campus building and await my invite to its opening.2013-09-01 12.55.04


2013-09-01 11.26.43                                       2013-09-01 11.05.01
I was looking forward to photographing the gargoyles along Stratford High Street near Gala Bingo. Cor! Gala’s moved along and the gargoyles have been covered by new fascii.2013-09-01 11.33.41
Sunday dinner at the Castle in Walthamstow. Packed it was.I had roast lamb in gravy disguised in another name. Twas good. Others had marrow. How the poorest of veg becomes gentrified, eh?