Issue 42 Up Your Street

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Mon 14th Oct £3 1.30-4.30pm Tea Dance Stratford Old Town Hall. E15. Dance, sit, drink tea. eat cake.

Wed 16th Oct  free   10-noon  Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage usual weekly meeting.

                             free   5 – 7pm at Timberlodge. Stratford Community Networking Night

Thurs 17th Oct free   2-8pm Metro-pads office by Walthamstow Station. Look at the plans for Walthamstow Centre redevelopment with Solum.

                              free  8pm. The New Black and Birkbeck at Stratford Picturehouse E15 present a screening of  “Who Needs A Heart?”


Sun 2oth Oct free 2.30pm Walking with David Boote and Walking Free In Waltham Forest “Up The Ching” as 8th October (see issue 41)


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