Aweganic continues. In uptown E11

Word Song wow!

Twas great to be part of Word Song today at Leytonstone Library E11 with Andrea co-piloted by Karl. Whoever knew what to expect and we didn’t need to worry either cos  the song and words workshop  was organic in its process.sara wordsSara taking notes.

Remember Michael Rosen’s “Hackney Streets” performed by Brooke House (BSix) drama students at The Round Chapel, Clapton about 7 years ago (before it turned hipster) ? To me that was an ace production using words alone and real experiences all rehearsed then set in a dark cold space. Today we appreciated songs and poems, rapping and singing by interacting with texts physically and each other. andreaAndrea directing.

Not a mass of participants as per at these given workshops, designed to engage the community whatever she looks like but we were quality. It was vibrant and was story-telling, voiced in harmony and individually. A good experience in out of the rain.dianaEnergised at Leytonstone.

We were asked to bring along any songs we’d written so I scribbled mine down in fat felt-tip and recorded on my mobile phone. Sara brought along a poem dedicated to her mum whilst Mary gave us an hymn written by her fabulous father. We cried, laughed, showed off, spoke French,  got rid of our inhibitions almost and lunched together mid-way through the three hours of intense creativity.

Elton John move over!

My song

my song


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