Pigeons upgraded.

Fitzroy presents his experiences at Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage through poetry. Thanks for sharing…..

Culumba Livia 

Against an angry grey sky

a speckled flock stretched wings and decided to fly

Returning, they landed.

Spindly, fine pine needle rain, sprinkled us.


Displaying their blue-green, turquoise necks

beaks pecked away mimicking machine sewing needles

constantly moving, simulating bee hive activity

on a crowded dance floor.


Others joined making it more

Amongst them a spectacular white came into eat

moving nearer and nearer to our feet.

A chequered bird supped water from a discarded rusty brown leaf.


Sensing danger, they stilled, activity ceased

then wings flapped, created turbulence and rose as one

turned, soared and were soon gone.

Reminding me of the ephemeral nature of things.


The pigeons came back to us again

pecking and cropping thrown grain.

Thin rain drizzled without ease

Blessing  the gathered group.


When rain falls,it blesses us all

it wets all our roofs

an umbilical chord

connecting everything to everything.


Culumba seemed bold and yet shy

under the rain they still kept dry.

Tamed, they have served us well

As war heroes, saver of lives, decorated

bred for fancy spectacular plumage, for the vain

Eaten as  tasty morsels

And raced for sport and trophies


Some of their brave deeds have witness

conveyors of documents

from Gwent to Kent

they delivered when sent.


Rain made their discovery very special.

I have passed  them many times

Blind to the myriad of colours on display

thought them nuisances- to shoo away

Now I see pigeons, with clearer eyes.

                                                     Fitzroy Johnson  09.11.2013


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