The new Lea Bridge Road Station

The Lea Bridge Road Station will be rebuilt in 2014. Burwell Road is the last residential Waltham Forest road before Hackney. Burwell Road is shambolic. The even side is in fact miserable-looking industrial lets. The buildings are neglected despite one building having architectural features of recent historical note. I was on a walk once with Walthamstow women and saw their noses visibly curl when they reached this side of dirty Leyton. Burwell Road will surely get some attention before the Station opens.

The pavements on both sides are patchworks of tarmac caused by cable installation and service outlets. The front gardens are holding pens for abandoned furniture, bed bases, uncollected full black bags, and only three reflect any householders’ pride. Litter is blown into the street from dirty yards and the main road because people aren’t soiling their own street, are they? Huge furniture vans park on double yellows, disrespecting the word “residential” as the drivers unload goods noisily into a massive charity shop and a garment manufacturer. Businesses on the adjacent Lea Bridge Road pile their rubbish on the corner and at night the lighting there is inadequate.

Trees are showing their roots as they mature in a flood plain. The roots are temporarily curbed and the new covering tarmac cracks and spreads after each treatment. The areas around the trees are best avoided.

Burwell Road is dull, needing attention and a disgrace. Long-term residents are fed-up especially as they’ve seen the roads resurfaced on the rest of what was once the Burwell Residential Estate. It’s hard not to turn the corner and say “Fancy bringing kids up here.”


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