E17 Kitchen Yum Yum

Well, none of your meatless, Halal, string bean, butternut squash, sushi, Kosher, art nouveau on a plate recipes this night. I saw bacon, suet, SUET!!!! chicken stock, meat meat meat (but recipes are available using Quorn then spices instead of suet) and it was all dripping in its salty bacon fat and then more salt, posh Cornish salt, was flaked onto the bubbling feast, Uughh, Brendan was busy striding from worktop to stove with we getting under his feet. Homely. Julia was the demonstrating dumpling-maker.

What a fabulous welcome. What a nice friendly bunch of tutors and participants in the free weekly cooking course at Waltham Forest College in the basement kitchen, not in the gorgeous Mallinson Restaurant where the Labour Party was partying.

There’s free safe parking in the compound after 5pm so that suits driving cookery students as the workshops start at 6pm. and end at 8.30pm.

The College was alive tonight. The receptionist was professional and the entrance is classy. See the lit-up steps to the college and imagine Fred Astaire clicking up and down those.

Can’t wait for next week.

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