City Of Light at The Centre for Better Health Hackney

Carlos Gonzalez Perez together with the light-bulb changing up the step-ladder no problem art gallery manager Cirillo gave us a wonderful treat on Thursday with his ravishing photographs, BakeHouse pizza and flowing pre-Christmas wine.

The photographs are Sunday Times supplement;  lavish, glossy and colourful and would fit quite at home on the screens of a catwalk fashion show. The photographs are full of layers of texture and comfortably surprising.

Really enjoyable event.

And of course there’s more to what’s up on the white walls. I was impressed by other photos in a folder. There was the Turneresque landscape and the one of The Greenway before it was fashionable.

The opening times are difficult to memorise. The exhibition is up until 6th December 2013 when RAGWORKS takes over. The Darnley Gallery opens on Mondays 9-5pm. then Tuesday from 2-8pm. Best bet it to go after noon and up until 8pm except Monday and Friday when 5pm is the closing time. The Gallery is down two flights of factory style steps. Parking is awful. Loads of buses almost touch the door.

Support your local free galleries, eh?

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