Tonight what with the jolly good company, the flow of the wine and the whiff of cinnamon in the bread pudding, the RAGWORKS art exhibition launch at The Centre For Better Health was a blast.

2013-08-19 15.46.58

People came from  Hackney, Haringey, Waltham Forest and Islington to enjoy wall-hangings, embellished bags, poetry readings and story-telling. The time went past quickly in a warm basement gallery out of the fog. People loved the nod to Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn” in the form of “Girl With A Pearl Earring”. Another woman wanted to take “Cinderella” home and a guy gave us all  a West Indian story prompted by “Anansi” who is depicted hanging onto his RAGWORKS rope.

pearl version 2 at Hornbeam 090713

We had poems about a beloved father, pigeons in Lloyd Park Walthamstow, being in a prison cell, ‘duppies’ in the dark and experiences of being homeless. There was much more.

                                                                  Hornbeam bags 2

Someone visited from the art therapy class so we enjoyed more vibrant art and smashing words.

In the Gallery  yellow light,  the RAGWORKS wall-hangings look sparkly with their winking sequins and shiny buckles. “We Three Kings” are imposing in their finery and size. The Leyton Reminiscence Quilt served as an adornment and a practical mat for any visiting toddlers .

Debbie from the poetry-sharing sessions at the Centre For Better Health presented a bouquet of gorgeous carnations to the artist  as a gift from one creative being to another. Much appreciated . She read poems galore then shared some of her very interesting stories about machine sewing back in the day.

Do you know how nice it is to sit amongst the cream of human beings who want to share their craft, their captivating words, and to be under the colours and shapes in the textile wall-hangings? Beautiful.

Twas an organic evening!

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