I am learning Romanian online . You’d have thought that while the Boroughs set up free English language learning classes there might be some free Romanian classes. It’s all about the language. When immigrants come in from the Union states then I for one would like to welcome them and show I tried to learn their culture and ways. I went to taster Polish classes in Leytonstone a couple of years ago. Last month I attended beginner Mandarin Chinese free classes in Leyton. In 2006 I looked forward to the fusion of arts with some Polish British music funk and performance poetry. Where was it? This weekend I thought I’d see my Romanian upstairs family neighbours out and about and we’d greet and I’d attempt “Hello” in their tongue. All I did was sort their plastic bag rubbish out of the brown bin because despite a working party all about recycling in this borough the powers that shift failed to educate the new incomers about the joy of recycling and the saving of the planet which happens mostly in Waltham Forest. So why didn’t someone in the art deco offices dream up free learn Romanian and perhaps Bulgarian lessons? Too busy telling OAPs that their bids for a Christmas dinner were unsuccessful.
How gutted must people have been? Last year I put in all my friends’ names and I never got a place myself. Meanwhile people were getting into two dinners! I complained and got a wishy washy reply. Let it go Gillian. Let it go! And before that I attended a tea club for all women in a mosque ante-chamber where the covered old mothers actually said that the Christmas dinner “was not for the likes of us”. Oh yes it is! That’s the whole point. We should all mix up. One racist old blighter said “They do nothing for Eid in this Borough”. Oh get yourself out and about. Take the cloth from your ears. Every year Up Your Street subscribers (and we come from the east London rainbow nation massive) get along for the fabulous Eid, Diwali and Guru Nanak celebrations because the events are for all of us and if they’re not then heads will roll on Persian carpets.
One certain old people’s UK charity dished out free blankets and slippers to the needy poor last month. The needy poor couldn’t be asked so the surplus stock lay in wait for late-comers. My friend has spent all morning re-stitching the woollen square blanket and super gluing the soles back onto the slippers which were given out in good spirit! Some quality control needs addressing especially if those same blankets are dished out to needy incomers in the coming January February and March of 2014.
Adam and Eve it!

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