Elite hair salon above a pool in Waltham Forest.

Want a good haircut and style? For dead cheap? In a great venue? I have been an hairdressing model at The Waltham Forest College Forest Road E17 for years with lapses when I’ve used a fiver coupon at Toni and Guy in Bond Street or Vidal Sassoon near there. You have to have a lot of time and patience because an hair cut by a trainee can take three hours. Blow dry on top could be another hour. Oh yes. But remember tops you’re paying is £6.
This new year I went along to the College on a Wednesday and that evidently is a good day to get a last minute appointment. It’s a training salon and so from reception to goodbye the students are supervised. The managing/teaching staff are welcoming and friendly especially senior tutor, Sue and she is like an owl with eyes and mirrors everywhere making sure hands are never idle.
The salon is a joy to enter with perfume and hair product smells wafting along with you. The students are smart in uniform and client-awareness.
I have never actually seen a man client :I do know barbering is taught and a cut is £2. Give it a whirl. Nearly as cheap as a Mars Bar.

Oh and take your own hanger for your overcoat.
I went down to check out the hallowed pool, the community swimming pool which I’ve heard about but never seen. For I am a staunch Cathall Road supporter. That place is shut until March. Anyway the Community Pool is hosting The Swimathon event this March ending. There is little space for spectators. Suits me. The staff are ace. The changing rooms look neglected but are just old I guess. Good to see what others enjoy.up_your_street_2[1] (2)


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