I learnt a lot today.

Well Street Surgery in Hackney pulled me in today and I was among other people interested in healthy living; people curious like myself about the five or six week free cook and taste course. Turns out it’s all to do with the British Heart Foundation of which I am or was a “Champion”. What’s it all mean, eh? Nowt but a fig.

I thought we’d done all this 5-a-day mantra pre Olympics and Paralympics, you know the Games with a Macdonald’s sponsor. Of course we have a nation of obese ones but when will people really absorb the lessons? Never. Who can afford to eat three times a day? That’s another blog.

Anyway all the free courses are government sponsored. We met carrots and spuds, garlic and veggie Oxo cubes. We tasted rye bread which only two of us liked but the rest managed to pack up the remaining slices and take home. It was nice. The facilitator (I can’t call someone a tutor if they can’t pronounce potato) had to pitch to all capability levels. Money for old rope. Time was of the essence and washing up was not included as anything us drop-ins needed to do. Suits me.
Before this midday treat I was at Leyton Leisure Centre. It is fabulous. Mind you I never knew my Freedom Pass would not get me in freely anymore. The place was empty considering it’s renovated, celebrated and the time slot was for above 50 years young. The welcoming sauna was the icing on the cake or the crust on the designer soda bread. I’m in training for the Swimathon on a Sunday at 6am.

Tomorrow I’m off to an ancient wood.


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