Post script to last blog.

And then it happened . I was at “UnLondon” in St Mary’s Old Church, Church Street, Stoke Newington watching archive films of London and Stevenage, checking out a bookstall flavoured by books about the history
of London, Jewish London history and London social history (Thank goodness there wasn’t any ‘hard sell’) and hardly struck speechless by a display of photographed scenes from London pre 1950 which was pretty inaccessible being rammed against a church pillar. All white history, let’s be blunt.

“UnLondon” hosted by The Unfortunates musical band was a sold-out free event advertised in Time Out no less and in the trendy end of Stokey. The atmosphere was actually great and I wasn’t the oldest punter there for a change. The church is tiny and olde worlde like inside except for the modern toilets. I was on a waiting list via Eventbrite to gain admittance but I know these things…the ticketing ritual is a measure only so that organisers know what kind of numbers to cater for. You see in another bulletin it said “drop in”.

Glad I went.

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