issue 5. Up Your Street

Mon    3rd Feb free 12.30-2pm. Learn Ballroom dancing at Kidzmania 28 Powell Road Clapton.

                                                                      up_your_street_2[1] (2)

Wed    5th Feb free 2-4pm Seniors can research their family history at John Scurr Community Centre 1a Bekebourne St E14 at Limehouse. Drop in event.
Thurs 6th Feb  free 12.15pm British Museum AgeUK tour of galleries. Be at Info desk. main hall.

                            free 7-10pm Poetry slam with Forest Poets. Open mic too. Unit 3 Central Parade E17 Pop up place.

Coffee, tea and cake and wine, juice and beer in the bar.

Fri   7th Feb   £3  10-12 noon Lea Bridge Library E10 Rasheeqa and Charm with herbal workshops for 6 weeks. Drop in.

                       free 6.30-9.45 pm  Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green has a celebration of the display “Afro Supa Hero” and ’70s themed party. Adults.
2013-06-24 13.14.41Rasheeqa.



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