Reminiscence Screenings in east London

I am not always that interested in the titles of the screened films at Hackney Picture House presented by Reminiscence Screenings hosted by Elinor. Whether the events are to engage the community I don’t know. They appear to be aimed at seniors. Many of the films come up on Sky TV around the same time such as “The Lavender Mob”.waiting

All to the good. There’s a whole heap of difference in watching a film indoors, at the flicks, with others, by yourself etc.

Reminiscence Screenings are great at Hackney where there’s a free cuppa too. Prices for Silver Screen members just went up to £3 a film from £2.50. Silver Screen membership is free and acquired on the spot if you like. You need to be 60 years young.

We are encouraged to talk about the film before and afterwards and that’s just up my street.

So today on BBC 2 I watched “I’m All Right, Jack” (1959 B&W).And reminisced….
Crusty loaf on the table
darning socks
Bubble Car
Pointed breasts
wrap-over pinafores
mantelpieces and mantelpiece clocks
jam-pot on table
duffel coats
Malcom Muggeridge
smoking cigarettes.


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