Anti FGM Day

6th February 2014 is ‘Let’s get rid of FGM Day’. A teenager, Fahma Mohamed, via The Guardian is campaigning nationally asking Gove to alert and educate school staff to the barbarism of FGM and then to its reporting.

FGM has been illegal in the UK for twenty-eight years. In recent twenty first century years cases of child abuse highlighting Female Genital Mutilation have been reported to the police. No prosecutions followed. How was that?

Summer is the “season of the cut” and so the petitioner wants Gove to alert school staff before the long summer holidays when “cut parties” are held in communities in Britain. Ain’t that disgusting?
Sick, sick, sick
Let’s remember Gove is the guy who wants naughty children to miss Games, miss family life and when they cannot write to write lines. I’m not sure he’s ready for considering something so un-English.

Bravo, The Guardian! Where you been?

A tweeter asked who decides the language of the day. Why can’t we say “coloured people” as opposed to “People of colour”? Why can’t we say “Queer” instead of “Gay”? What makes my educated self disguise “backward” in “culturally significant”?

I have become a hater of mothers who pin down their daughters for a razor cut, who allow men to watch the agony, who betray their daughters, and I shall say backward barbaric.

“Any time the body is cut into, the health of the victim is compromised. When the normal body of a child is cut, both the physical and psychological health of the child are compromised, and the inherent right of the child to its own body has been violated. Cutting children’s normal bodies to satisfy the personal, cultural, or religious bias of its parents is wrong, and no amount of belief or rhetoric can change that.” Thank you whoever wrote that in US 2011


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