Curiouser and curiouser

I was in the dark and didn’t catch on that the production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night was taking place in Newham because the West End theatre’s roof collapsed. Apollo. The National Theatre production will get to The Gielgud in June.
Meanwhile Newham residents and workers were offered free tickets to see the production at The Old Town Hall Stratford on one of two afternoons. Newham schools were invited as part of the programme making every Newham child a theatre-goer. Well, well! Not a major uptake so in came “Green school” Walthamstow Girls’ School.
What a lovely welcome for we six residents from the Newham Council receptionist to the performance’s floor manager!

A good prompt start to the play as all the children from all the trawled-in schools in uniforms and hijabs sat down quickly and duly turned off their phones. The set was great; a stark square on the floor with a surrounding border and at the very beginning a bloodied forked dead dog right plonk in the middle. it was all so not dressed up, no painted scenery that if anyone had preconceptions about theatre sets they would have had dropped jaws today. That’s all I will say. I am grateful to have been invited and to have had the opportunity to get to the beautiful Old Town Hall in the winter sunshine.
Now Monday is looking fine. I was invited and am on the guest list to attend the Gala Evening at Theatre Royal Stratford for “Oh What A Lovely War”. Now that will be amongst jolly good company!


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