Free Floristry

No meet and greeters at Lea Bridge Library then. No smile at the door.  Who ever knows the Lea Bridge Library exists? Funny how people living in non-deprived parts of  Waltham Forest don’t have a clue about the deprived  parish, Leyton. Sure the Library needs to advertise itself a bit more. And draw in a community which never saw a library as part of their culture. So we get crafty taster courses laid on with community groups trying to pull in the locals with messy hand-written A4 posters blu-tacked onto the front door.

Thank goodness the floristry tutor knows her stuff even though she still never brought in enough foliage for the tiny group. We learnt loads; many of the tricks to making the cheapest bunch of carnations last for ages. Liked it.

There was a meaningless nod to “National Woman Day” (sic)and the joy of Zumba. There were the right comments about Waltham Forest’s lack of general advertising referring to the pamper day at Chingford Library last month which was a failure.

Downstairs from the Community Room with the public toilet designated for staff only now, there is the friendship garden which is not the library’s but the Council’s. Well, ain’t they the same? That garden was refurbished by the friends of the library back in the day. I appreciate that greatly.

I made my floral arrangement and couldn’t be asked to traipse home with it so the first senior I saw got it as a present. Made her day!

Straight into the new Tesco Express under the Lea Bridge Road Mosque I went to seek out bargains. It takes a Tesco to upgrade a neighbourhood what with its cash machine. Banks don’t exist along lower Lea Bridge Road. The staff at Tesco are friendly. “Wonder how much Tesco gave to the Mosque”, said someone.

Upstairs is the wonderful Active Change Foundation f0r youf.(!)

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