Pink Air

The Wright  Show tomorrow’s going to be about Casual Sexism with Richard Maudeley (heck)

At Sutton House in Homerton, Hackney (I said Homerton) there’s an event in a few days with intelligent women talking about everyday sexism. Already thirty-somethings are saying to me “What to do? Talk and go away and nothing changes?” Seventy-somethings say to me “Been there. Got the tee-shirt” Luke warm hot air makes pink air.

It costs £4. Artisan bread in Hoxton costs £4.

Homerton.. Hoxton…Hackney!

A Debate with Melissa Benn, Kat Banyard and Kate Pickett

Chaired by Zoe Williams

Monday 12th May, 7pm
Tickets £4
Sutton House, 2-4 Homerton High St, Hackney, London E9 6JQ

Shouting at kids

Was open-jawed on Sunday as I heard and saw a grown man shouting in the face of a two year old and advising the child to talk nicely and stop shouting if they want the confiscated toy. See this kind of thing daily.

Went to an Hackney “Safeguarding our children” workshop yesterday.

Passed a lady on Lea Bridge Road who was singing to her baby in the pram. Phew!

Up Your Street Issue15

No need to book for all these events

Wed   30th April £2.50  12.30-2.30pm soup at The  Mill E17

                                  free 6.00-7.30pm Poetry at The Centre for Better Health

Thurs 1st May free 6-8.30pm Community healthy cooking at Waltham Forest College E17

Fri      2nd May free  1.00-3.30pm Claremont Project in Angel Islington. Craft fair.

Sat      3rd May free “East London in flux ” at Uni Birkbeck Stratford e15 exploring local residents’ views and others’ about Olympic Cities. Refreshments and a tour. (Tickets at Eventbrite)

                                free  10-5pm Old Town Hall Stratford E15 African Bridal Show. (Tickets at Eventbrite)

Sun   4th May     free 3pm for one hour.Finsbury Park Walk .Meet Finsbury Park Café. Haringey Trees hosting.

Mon 5th May      free Lloyd Park May Fair E17


Seniors Art School

For free for over 60s. Dilston Grove in Southwark Park is just spot on and by Surrey Quays Overground Station on the posh clean line. Seniors from local parishes and from Leyton under the Up Your Street banner have just enjoyed three days of drawing tuition and a freebie to the Tate.

Michele Fuirer was the tutor working in partnership with CGP (Community Gallery Projects) and in September there are three days with Alex Julyan.  Book with cgp London.

At the same time Mark Titchner has his sound and visual installation entitled “Rose”. It’s powerful and beautiful. Big screens and speakers blast out kinda meditation music and red spots from the interior of the ugly old concrete church built in 1911.

Today I was engaged big time. It was great to get to the venue on the East London line. The art/community space is not actually in the miserable-looking church: It’s in an add-on extension with cooking and toilet facilities. All to the good.

In my evaluation I mentioned that an highlight was the fact that we seniors were not talked down to in tones of condescension. It’s possible that most of the wise ones were from U3A, you know, white middle class and professional. Love ’em,

Drawing and Painting in Hackney

Brr. In a cold downstairs room in Hackney at The Centre for Better Health in Darnley Road Hackney we sat around the drawing table ready to be inducted and instructed: Inducted into the learning curve that is CBH courses and instructed in drawing techniques by Amanda Bracken. This is a ten week course. So far so good.

Bought me some sourdough meteor-sized loaves at a mere £2 each. I think they’re £4 at the Health Bakery in Hoxton. Bit off more than I can chew, carved them up and froze them for my friend’s eightieth birthday on Sunday after some light opera at the Tower of London with The Connaught Singers. Have you seen the cost of getting into the Tower? Arm and a leg. My treat is free.

So enjoyed Greg Butler’s art work in the Darnley Gallery. Loved “Pogues’  London”. The exhibition has finished but the work’s still up. Considering buying “Bjork”.

What I learnt today.

This morning I submitted work to the Claremont Project’s “Ephemeral” exhibition then joined the group outing to the Cubitt Art Gallery, just around the corner. I’d been there before at the back of The Angel Islington when I’d attended the opening evening of a community art exhibition, when white wine sparkled and flew, when an orchestra played in a corner and when London 2012 hysteria manifested in pop-up galleries and cafes was waning fast if it had ever been sniffed at in Islington

The curator, Fatima,  at Cubitt welcomed we seniors and some trolley-bags warmly even giving us tea and posh biscuits then explained all about Cubitt, and went into some artspeke to expound the careers of the US artists exhibited in this space. Twas brillig.

Two dames had a verbal. Not seen restrained nastiness before except between Channel 4 Newsreaders and Farage of UKIP fame. The exhibition is all about technology because Cynthia video-taped loads back in the 1973 days. We today are accustomed to digital HD sharpness so alien to our older eyes were the faded greys of the black and white recordings and we, the slightly annoyed bodies, were not that enamoured with poor readings of scripts.

The spoiler was that Ben the artist in love with community engagement was about to sell for more than a shilling his art which I missed in passing and give the dosh to Claremont. The project has just laid gorgeous carpet in the vestibule and needs some better-looking chairs in the downstairs lounge. Someone will buy. People spend stooped amounts on art, don’t they Ms Emin?

I went along the maze of studios at the back of the Cubitt Gallery to get to the Ladies. Oh my! Kinda like “Yellow Submarine” with opening doors, artists appearing then retreating, bikes stationery, and hardboard partitions.

I really did get the art. Evidently Cynthia’s tapes were all under her bed, stored and never seen until now. Now is the time, I guess. Anything goes. Is it all about the process? Is it all about widening the audience? Is it all about making the spectator the sponge for artists’ ideas? Well, the good thing was that in fact we seniors did congregate and discuss candidly what we thought. Community engaged and talking: Job done Cubitt.

Up Your Street Issue 14

Tuesday 22nd April Usually £1.50 a session. Courses at The  Centre for Better Health begin in Yoga and art.    1a Darnley Rd Hackney

Wed 23rd April free  10-noon Lloyd park Sharing Heritage for over 50s . Local Park project. meets in Bowling Green hut.

                                free  tea dance. Brady Arts Centre.  Whitechapel E1. You have to be a Tower Hamlets senior resident and book with the Town Hall.

£3 1.30-4.30pm with raffles cake and tea.St George’s Day tea dance at Old Town Hall Stratford E15. All welcome.

free 10.30-12.30pm  Buildings Exploratory seniors meet at Nanas The Convenience in Chatsworth Rd Hackney to talk about and explore the buildings of Clapton. All welcome.

Thurs 24th April free 6-8.30pm. Community cook and share at Waltham Forest College E17. All welcome.

                                 50p 10-1pm jewellery and beading in Bethnal Green at Create, Old Ford Road. All welcome

Sat     26th April free Lloyd Park E17 Family wildflower seeding day. Family day. All welcome

Sun   27th April free Some Up Your Street subscribers off to The Tower of London to watch The Connaught Opera. Part of WW1 centenary celebrations. 

Coming soon

Fri 2nd May      free    1.30-3.30pm at the Claremont Project in Angel Islington. Free to enter craft fair with RAGWORKS showing off “Rags, Bags and Bunting”. 5 piece orchestra playing in the background.

Sat 3rd May  free Get ready to book for East London in Flux a day of chat and opinion all about the architecture of the QEOP and enjoy a walkabout too. Lunch and refreshments. The event in Stratford campus is hosted by Leslie Topp at Birkbeck Uni E15


Get y to book for

Ace Hotel, Aces Club, Ace evening

The Ace Hotel is  a nothing along a nothing street in Shoreditch. In the hot claustrophobic basement Newton Dunbar’s evening was a medley of film, questions and answers and a hot Lovers’ Rock after-party. New Hoxton was out for the night with a couple of oldies from up the road.

The film “Legacy In The Dust-The Four Aces Story” (90 mins ) is excellent in every way.

Up Your Street. issue 13

                                                               Up Your Street Issue 13
Tues 15th April free 11am, A walk by the Ching
Message from David
“It was fabulous sunny weather for the Sunday walkers today.  In a couple of days time, Tuesday 15 April at 11am, you can take the next, 5th, section of the walk from Stratford Abbey to Waltham Abbey.  Meet on Hall Lane between the North Circular Road and Cork Tree Way (retail park).  The 34 bus from Walthamstow Central goes along the North Circular, but that means, after getting off, crossing the North Circular Road to reach Hall Lane.  If you are still on the bus when it reaches the Cooks Ferry roundabout you should, with great care, be able to walk under the dual carriageway and then walk back to Hall Lane. If you get off the 34 bus at Trinity Way you can pick up the final section of the previous walk, crossing the North Circular Road by the footbridge, going through the high wall to the Chingford Hall estate, left along Ching Way, following this until you can turn left into Hazel Way, following that until you can turn left onto a footpath to leave the Chingford Hall estate into a street with 1930s houses (Westward Road), to reach the junction of the North Circular Road and Hall Lane.  The 444 bus gets you to the starting point from the Chingford Mount shopping centre (and from Chingford Station).
We will set off up Hall Lane.  The finish will be at Chingford Green up to 2 hours later (earlier I would expect) with good opportunities to leave the walk before the end with public transport.  The later stages of the walk (optional) include steep slopes and soft uneven ground.
The report will be repeated on Sunday 27 April at 2.30pm.
David Boote”