There was an Easter Party today for  members of a North London seniors’ community project and it was rather fine what with tons of buffeted salad, low alcohol wine, scrumptious dessert tarts, a live band, a whiff of bodies, a generous raffle, a little bit of condescension, a difficult quiz, and home-made Easter bonnets. Twas right good.

claremont easter4

A few days ago there was a good meeting of seniors in East London. It was in an unusual venue. Years ago there was a public toilet down Chatsworth Road on the way to Chats Palace. Now it’s The Convenience, a scrubbed up and scrubbed out homely café where NANAs grandmas cook away plating up nourishing feasts, and in the evening a chef does Hanoi Nights.

That’s busy enough amidst the gleaming tiles and inventive menu cards.

The Buildings Exploratory for seniors in Hackney and now Islington has teamed up with NANAs so that seniors can come along, sit ,chat, go for a guided walk, share information all about the history of Clapton and have a nice cup of tea.  Local residents might go along to meet and learn. There are no daughters of the Windrush generation but residents who have lived in their Hackney homes since birth having managed to escape the dreaded doodlebugs and rent-rise evictions, sons of labourers who have travelled along the Thames living and working by the Lea, those who live in flats where the stench from the Stratford tanneries in days of yore choked their mouths and followed them on their way to work at Lesney’s.

We can’t talk fast enough to get our stories out and shared whilst our facilitator eggs us on with grey photos gleaned from The Hackney Archives.

The meet-ups are every fortnight at 10.30 am for a couple of hours which leaves ample time to stroll along Chatsworth Road and see the old kitchen utensils in a local vintage shop or smell the crepes from The Creperie.


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