Beanstalks and Create

Today I learnt that there are many schools in Waltham Forest and shock horror, many pupils need help with reading. Beanstalk is an Hackney-based charity which recruits people who pledge to volunteer to go into schools for a year for 3 hours a week. There is a rigorous screening process and so should be, and training in safe-guarding children.

Today I met an Hackney woman who hates the borough. I tried to turn her negative into positive by saying that The Voice UK winner is from ‘Ackney. She was having none of it. She snidely insulted me as supporting The Big Society. I sipped my Earl Grey tea and kept stumm.

Then I got the usual talk down to you cos you’re older than us from thirty somethings runnin’ tings in a charity place. Ooh so used to all of that and kept my mind focussed on what I wanted from them or rather from the charity. I was actually there picking up stuff for others.  What do I have to do around here to get a halo?

Create in Bethnal Green offers loads of free stuff for the community. It’s a place where the participants actually reflect the diverse community around the station. Now we have bridges to cross in that we need to talk to each other across the table. It’s a draw-bridge so is flexible. It’s the coming together as communities which is the main thread whether we do sewing, tablet repairs or tea tasting, isn’t it?

Such a busy day: All I ate was a Mars Bar.

Did we know that this school Easter Holiday is nothing to do with Easter. Oh the saints! Evidently the schools are making the terms equal in length and disregarding festivals as the reason to break.  Really?  Tesco will remind us what with their Chinese New Year displays and Eid Mubarek greetings and Easter Eggs after New Year’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Beanstalks and Create

  1. bridget virden April 9, 2014 / 1:21 pm

    Hello I am Bridget from Seniors Art School at cgplondon in Southwark Park Bermondsey.
    I just spoke to Michele from Tate B and have booked you and two others on to Seniors Art School 23/24/25 April. All directions are on our website
    No worries if you cannot make it but you are booked in.

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