Up Your Street. issue 13

                                                               Up Your Street Issue 13
Tues 15th April free 11am, A walk by the Ching
Message from David
“It was fabulous sunny weather for the Sunday walkers today.  In a couple of days time, Tuesday 15 April at 11am, you can take the next, 5th, section of the walk from Stratford Abbey to Waltham Abbey.  Meet on Hall Lane between the North Circular Road and Cork Tree Way (retail park).  The 34 bus from Walthamstow Central goes along the North Circular, but that means, after getting off, crossing the North Circular Road to reach Hall Lane.  If you are still on the bus when it reaches the Cooks Ferry roundabout you should, with great care, be able to walk under the dual carriageway and then walk back to Hall Lane. If you get off the 34 bus at Trinity Way you can pick up the final section of the previous walk, crossing the North Circular Road by the footbridge, going through the high wall to the Chingford Hall estate, left along Ching Way, following this until you can turn left into Hazel Way, following that until you can turn left onto a footpath to leave the Chingford Hall estate into a street with 1930s houses (Westward Road), to reach the junction of the North Circular Road and Hall Lane.  The 444 bus gets you to the starting point from the Chingford Mount shopping centre (and from Chingford Station).
We will set off up Hall Lane.  The finish will be at Chingford Green up to 2 hours later (earlier I would expect) with good opportunities to leave the walk before the end with public transport.  The later stages of the walk (optional) include steep slopes and soft uneven ground.
The report will be repeated on Sunday 27 April at 2.30pm.
David Boote”

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