What I learnt today.

This morning I submitted work to the Claremont Project’s “Ephemeral” exhibition then joined the group outing to the Cubitt Art Gallery, just around the corner. I’d been there before at the back of The Angel Islington when I’d attended the opening evening of a community art exhibition, when white wine sparkled and flew, when an orchestra played in a corner and when London 2012 hysteria manifested in pop-up galleries and cafes was waning fast if it had ever been sniffed at in Islington

The curator, Fatima,  at Cubitt welcomed we seniors and some trolley-bags warmly even giving us tea and posh biscuits then explained all about Cubitt, and went into some artspeke to expound the careers of the US artists exhibited in this space. Twas brillig.

Two dames had a verbal. Not seen restrained nastiness before except between Channel 4 Newsreaders and Farage of UKIP fame. The exhibition is all about technology because Cynthia video-taped loads back in the 1973 days. We today are accustomed to digital HD sharpness so alien to our older eyes were the faded greys of the black and white recordings and we, the slightly annoyed bodies, were not that enamoured with poor readings of scripts.

The spoiler was that Ben the artist in love with community engagement was about to sell for more than a shilling his art which I missed in passing and give the dosh to Claremont. The project has just laid gorgeous carpet in the vestibule and needs some better-looking chairs in the downstairs lounge. Someone will buy. People spend stooped amounts on art, don’t they Ms Emin?

I went along the maze of studios at the back of the Cubitt Gallery to get to the Ladies. Oh my! Kinda like “Yellow Submarine” with opening doors, artists appearing then retreating, bikes stationery, and hardboard partitions.

I really did get the art. Evidently Cynthia’s tapes were all under her bed, stored and never seen until now. Now is the time, I guess. Anything goes. Is it all about the process? Is it all about widening the audience? Is it all about making the spectator the sponge for artists’ ideas? Well, the good thing was that in fact we seniors did congregate and discuss candidly what we thought. Community engaged and talking: Job done Cubitt.


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