Seniors Art School

For free for over 60s. Dilston Grove in Southwark Park is just spot on and by Surrey Quays Overground Station on the posh clean line. Seniors from local parishes and from Leyton under the Up Your Street banner have just enjoyed three days of drawing tuition and a freebie to the Tate.

Michele Fuirer was the tutor working in partnership with CGP (Community Gallery Projects) and in September there are three days with Alex Julyan.  Book with cgp London.

At the same time Mark Titchner has his sound and visual installation entitled “Rose”. It’s powerful and beautiful. Big screens and speakers blast out kinda meditation music and red spots from the interior of the ugly old concrete church built in 1911.

Today I was engaged big time. It was great to get to the venue on the East London line. The art/community space is not actually in the miserable-looking church: It’s in an add-on extension with cooking and toilet facilities. All to the good.

In my evaluation I mentioned that an highlight was the fact that we seniors were not talked down to in tones of condescension. It’s possible that most of the wise ones were from U3A, you know, white middle class and professional. Love ’em,

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