Pink Air

The Wright  Show tomorrow’s going to be about Casual Sexism with Richard Maudeley (heck)

At Sutton House in Homerton, Hackney (I said Homerton) there’s an event in a few days with intelligent women talking about everyday sexism. Already thirty-somethings are saying to me “What to do? Talk and go away and nothing changes?” Seventy-somethings say to me “Been there. Got the tee-shirt” Luke warm hot air makes pink air.

It costs £4. Artisan bread in Hoxton costs £4.

Homerton.. Hoxton…Hackney!

A Debate with Melissa Benn, Kat Banyard and Kate Pickett

Chaired by Zoe Williams

Monday 12th May, 7pm
Tickets £4
Sutton House, 2-4 Homerton High St, Hackney, London E9 6JQ

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