Matisse at Tate Modern

Viewing special hyped-up exhibitions is such a time of flurry and grabbing ; the same internal panic one gets at an Harrods sale. Gotta be done though and Matisse isn’t a cheap gig especially as much of the work has already been out in the public eye and reproduced many times. What’s yuk is the artspeke attached to the displays (and the miserable faces of the security staff, bored out of their skulls.) I can go along with artspeke: it’s unique to posh art exhibitions and it makes me laugh, “The canvas becomes the orchestra”. Oh, stop it. The Matisse exhibition includes film of old Matisse directing his technician to fulfill his creative urge. How staged eh as she got the placing of a strip of special Matisse-treated cut – out absolutely spot on and she in her best heels too. Oh cynic me. Did I enjoy? Kinda. Did I appreciate? Totally. Would I go again? Of course. It’s major art.

Looking forward to Soapbox at Tate Britain on Wednesday. Art must be mulled over, talked about in any Speke as long as we’re all included and all likes and dislikes valued.
Watched on Irish Tv an old old 1980’s programme about how to paint then was open-jawed when Peter Family Guy referenced it. Ha ha ha! Puffy Afros reigned for ten minutes.



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