Ah yes .The Cubitt Spring Ball

The venue was at historic  Islington Assembly Hall with its beautiful loos of polished wooden seats and golden chains. The great community engagement event, apparently annual, got under way with busy young women aka interns directing mainly Islington seniors to drawing displays, free tea in disposable cups, and seats at white clothed tables designed optimistically for social interaction. This was a ticketed affair.
Nonsense or seeing outside the box was a great theme for the entertainment heavily based on Lear’s writing. The word-stretched poems from Claremont’s creatives were excellent and well-read. The Claremont dance troupe were excellent too showing in their programme disco-moves for the plus sixties. Absolute fun under the Council’s twinkling disco ball high up in the rafters and out of place in the Art Deco ceiling.
On came a dance- drama group and wowed me with a clever staging of King Lear’s angst. It was very well performed and I spoke to Maria Rozou and her Yerousia Dancers over fruit juice afterwards. The performance was that. It was true theatre and tight. Excalibur of The Young Vic would be impressed.
There was more besides and all culminating in a tea dance as the Claremont lot took their usual partners for the seventy plus moves. This ballroom malarky eh? The sixty somethings watched. Classes for ballroom dancing are all about us. Malcolm in Hackney does it for free every Monday.
We exited the Spring Ball head on into hailstones.




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