Bid Up Sit Up Price Drop gone

I enjoyed Bid Up TV and Price Drop immensely. Mind you I lived remotely at the time with no access to good ole Ebay. The quality of the goods never failed and the clothes never wore out. Primark was a germ then and the credit market was up. When you live where the boats sometimes can’t reach the £7.99 postage is nothing if it means gorgeous curtains at pound shop prices.

In London I loved the Christmas shopping: unmagined trinkets sold with Northern accents. It’s like buying warm Hovis.
Bang! All the silly hype and fever went last month as KPMG administrated the suddenly closed magnetising Satellite TV channels. Gone was the fight with myself over the justification of the £1.53 BT phone call and the rarely changed £7.99 P&P added to a fiver for a top available readily in Ridley Road Market. Fool me but I enjoyed the auctions. I stopped buying in 2012.

KPMG gave me wall space last year to exhibit a favourite oil- painting of mine depicting island women having a swim. I never understood KPMG’s business but I kinda do now. All I needed to know was that they stand tall in Canary Wharf.



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