blog post. Le Tour De France

Always something to look forward to.
Today “Songs of Praise” on BBC TV features Harrogate and the relationship of the local churches to the celebration of the Tour de France up there.
It’s all about communities coming together happily.
On Monday 7th July Le Tour de France is coming down from Yorkshire into Lea Bridge Road and on to Stratford. Now why is that exciting? Here again is a chance for us to see our neighbours. Like many Londoners I don’t know who my neighbours are. I know what kind of mattresses the former tenants had and I know that someone fills the communal brown recycling bin along with me. We are not at loggerheads. We are not confident to make connections, that’s all.
Since I knew about the French bicycle race honouring the tree-lined highway from Woodford to Asda in Temple Mills Leyton I have sat and sewn bunting and watered my roses out front to spread some joy and to welcome the foreigners speeding by. Today I learnt about the colours of the Tour; yellow, red polka-dot on white, green, and white. Colourful and not a French flag in sight. Current football takes care of that. Yellow ribbons will flutter in the July breeze on Monday then.
Always something to look forward to.
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Thames KPMG Clipper, DLR, Royal Arsenal…. all on a Wednesday, Margaret!


It was Ianvisits who told me by way of Facebook about the Architecture Festival hosted by Berkeley Developments at The Royal Arsenal in Greenwich/Woolwich. Tickets were free to join in the PR exercise. The rush was on to get a place through Eventbrite. Everything was free. Berkeley hired privately a boat, poured out fruit juice and alcohol liberally and we snacked on sushi and some posh salad served with smiles. The sun was on our side. Our hosts were the best you could want taking us through the  film archives of the recently neglected and empty buildings at The Artillery and then on group tours around a silent neighbourhood (like Wapping and Rotherhithe in the evenings).

So, a boat ride with running commentaries guaranteeing we’d learn something about the box buildings along the river side, an interesting debate about social sustainability, plenty of snacks, a tour by majestic flat walls and the DLR home. All in jolly good company.

Weather great,

Up Your Street Special issue

B means we have to book.


Thurs 26th June free 4.30-6.30pm Homerton Library Hackney (W15 bus).Live Roma music and culture.

Fri 27th       June free 8.30-10am. Creative Mornings London. A breakfast get together for ‘creatives’ all free. The Goldsmith Centre near Old Street. Speaker and presentation.                                                                                                 B Google Capital Mornings London

free      10-4pm SENSE at Bakers Arms coffee morning and raffles. Sat 28th  too.

Tues 1st July     Capital Age Festival begins at the Albany in Deptford.

Thurs 3rd     July free William Morris Gallery E17.  Belgian evening. No need to book.

Fri 4th           July free 6.30pm. Tate Britain for Folk Art. All welcome. Nice evening out. No booking required

Mon 7th         July Le Tour de France passes down Lea Bridge Road.1.15pm

Mon 7th July   free 2-4pm . Recycling and upcycling – making jewellery and accessories from buttons . Hosted by Events for Prospective Birkbeck Students . Leytonstone Library, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone, London E11 1HG            B

                             free 4-6pm Making pendants (Info as above)                          B Eventbrite

Wed 9th       July free . 11-1pm “Soapbox” at Tate Britain, Phone Tate to book on 02078878888.We sit and talk about any topic then investigate paintings in the galleries. Very good. Nice cuppa too.                                                           B

Thurs 10th     July free dance workshops all day at Oxford House

Bethnal Green B                                                                                                                 Google Capital Age Festival

Thurs 10th    July free A day exploring older men and their expression in arts. B google Capital Age Festival

Fri 15th July free 3-5.30pm at North Chingford Library E4 Screening of Monsieur Verdaux directed by C. Chaplin.                                                                                                 B Eventbrite

Wed 16th         July    free Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with Stuart Low Trust B Phone the charity. Firstly you apply for membership all free.

free 6-9pm Screenings of films with East London in Flux at University Square , Stratford east E15   B Eventbrite

Fri 18             July free for those caring and affected by caring.

1.30-3.30pm St Joseph’s Hospice, Mare Street . “Colours and our senses”.Canna 2  2012Canna in Leyton2012

The Pamper Shop


Wed 2nd July free Where’s the pampering? Well, there’s taster Yoga for free at Leytonstone Library E11 as part of Birkbeck’s pop-up university.



Thurs 10th July free  all day up until 4pm ish. The Capital Age Festival at Oxford House in Bethnal Green E2 where some massage is available  along with craft tasters and lots of dance workshops.




More to list soon.


Meanwhile there’s a women in business enterprise opening in St James’ Street E17 area and it’s for 2015/16. People can show interest by applying for a rental place in the new development.


The Pamper Shop is an information sharing service which can offer practical pampering or direct you to practitioners but is not profit-making at all. In fact there is no funding of any sort. The Pamper Shop has applied for a space though at ” Rooms of Our Own” because why not? Someone else may pay the rent.

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