Yay! What a bus ride? Past the disgrace of The Lord Napier pub by Hackney Yuk station, past lovely Bow Church, and stuck always in Hackney’s Morning Lane. The frequent bus does the hop from Stokey to Newham Hospital. The Rosetta Arts Centre is in its path just by West Ham underground station which by the way is a pretty station.

RAC is the top floor of Gainsborough School, an old pre-wars school with even an entrance marked on the old brick as “Handicrafts”. Quaint.
I was too early to meet and community artists but did note the fantastic art displays as I climbed the olde worlde schoole flights of steps.

The 276 took me back to Hackney and art class at The Centre for Better Health. Mmm the artisan bread had just arrived.

The art class is for beginners. It’s in a chilly basement room but we get a cuppa to warm our cockles.
Almost back in my manor on another bus I grabbed the bus pole as we curved a corner. What a nutter! I was holding a man’s hoover.


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