Charity shops around and about.


chairsFell in love with my two new chairs on discount Sunday at a store near me. Six quid for two chairs them and cars stopped to let me cross like a milk-maiden carrying a yoke with a chair on each arm. I think it’s a charity shop for Kashmir. Great stuff in there opposite the newly decorated sweet-smelling Turkish barbers by Poplar Road E17. Place to be! Next to the never yet used bicycle stands on Lea Bridge Road.
Down apiece is  Sense having its coffee raffle mornings on Friday and Saturday. The time is imminent when I complain about the overloud Jesus music playing as I try to concentrate on bargains and feel my money-bag next to my skin.
Last fortnight I did complain about the racism in the PDSA shop by Tesco in Leyton. Oh staff leader, prove the Roma styled women and children are thieves before you put your mouth into tannoy mode to tell other customers to “watch their handbags!” Never mind Nellie at the back with her wash and set slipping a puzzle into her trolley to ward off Dementia.
By far the best charity shop (remember when they were called “second -hand shops) is the Sally Army down Forest Road. Walthamstow. Proper jumble type with 20p baby clothes and furniture as cheap as chips ….because their attitude is “Sell it”. Oh and framed Renoirs for £8 and thereabouts. The staff are lovely. DJ s can be found, heavily dread-locked meticulously picking through vinyls as women in hijabs push buggies through the clothes racks and baby-wear tubs. Glorious. I remember when the first shalwar kameezes appeared as second-hand on the rails of 1980 polyester day dresses. Then my neighbour sprinkled chapatti crumbs for the starlings out back. Multi-culturalism was at its warmest stage then.
So yes my chairs are for my friends to sit on and applaud the Tour de France cyclists as they whizz through cleaned-up Leyton.


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