Thames KPMG Clipper, DLR, Royal Arsenal…. all on a Wednesday, Margaret!


It was Ianvisits who told me by way of Facebook about the Architecture Festival hosted by Berkeley Developments at The Royal Arsenal in Greenwich/Woolwich. Tickets were free to join in the PR exercise. The rush was on to get a place through Eventbrite. Everything was free. Berkeley hired privately a boat, poured out fruit juice and alcohol liberally and we snacked on sushi and some posh salad served with smiles. The sun was on our side. Our hosts were the best you could want taking us through the  film archives of the recently neglected and empty buildings at The Artillery and then on group tours around a silent neighbourhood (like Wapping and Rotherhithe in the evenings).

So, a boat ride with running commentaries guaranteeing we’d learn something about the box buildings along the river side, an interesting debate about social sustainability, plenty of snacks, a tour by majestic flat walls and the DLR home. All in jolly good company.

Weather great,


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