Thames KPMG Clipper, DLR, Royal Arsenal…. all on a Wednesday, Margaret!


It was Ianvisits who told me by way of Facebook about the Architecture Festival hosted by Berkeley Developments at The Royal Arsenal in Greenwich/Woolwich. Tickets were free to join in the PR exercise. The rush was on to get a place through Eventbrite. Everything was free. Berkeley hired privately a boat, poured out fruit juice and alcohol liberally and we snacked on sushi and some posh salad served with smiles. The sun was on our side. Our hosts were the best you could want taking us through the  film archives of the recently neglected and empty buildings at The Artillery and then on group tours around a silent neighbourhood (like Wapping and Rotherhithe in the evenings).

So, a boat ride with running commentaries guaranteeing we’d learn something about the box buildings along the river side, an interesting debate about social sustainability, plenty of snacks, a tour by majestic flat walls and the DLR home. All in jolly good company.

Weather great,

Up Your Street Special issue

B means we have to book.


Thurs 26th June free 4.30-6.30pm Homerton Library Hackney (W15 bus).Live Roma music and culture.

Fri 27th       June free 8.30-10am. Creative Mornings London. A breakfast get together for ‘creatives’ all free. The Goldsmith Centre near Old Street. Speaker and presentation.                                                                                                 B Google Capital Mornings London

free      10-4pm SENSE at Bakers Arms coffee morning and raffles. Sat 28th  too.

Tues 1st July     Capital Age Festival begins at the Albany in Deptford.

Thurs 3rd     July free William Morris Gallery E17.  Belgian evening. No need to book.

Fri 4th           July free 6.30pm. Tate Britain for Folk Art. All welcome. Nice evening out. No booking required

Mon 7th         July Le Tour de France passes down Lea Bridge Road.1.15pm

Mon 7th July   free 2-4pm . Recycling and upcycling – making jewellery and accessories from buttons . Hosted by Events for Prospective Birkbeck Students . Leytonstone Library, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone, London E11 1HG            B

                             free 4-6pm Making pendants (Info as above)                          B Eventbrite

Wed 9th       July free . 11-1pm “Soapbox” at Tate Britain, Phone Tate to book on 02078878888.We sit and talk about any topic then investigate paintings in the galleries. Very good. Nice cuppa too.                                                           B

Thurs 10th     July free dance workshops all day at Oxford House

Bethnal Green B                                                                                                                 Google Capital Age Festival

Thurs 10th    July free A day exploring older men and their expression in arts. B google Capital Age Festival

Fri 15th July free 3-5.30pm at North Chingford Library E4 Screening of Monsieur Verdaux directed by C. Chaplin.                                                                                                 B Eventbrite

Wed 16th         July    free Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with Stuart Low Trust B Phone the charity. Firstly you apply for membership all free.

free 6-9pm Screenings of films with East London in Flux at University Square , Stratford east E15   B Eventbrite

Fri 18             July free for those caring and affected by caring.

1.30-3.30pm St Joseph’s Hospice, Mare Street . “Colours and our senses”.Canna 2  2012Canna in Leyton2012

The Pamper Shop


Wed 2nd July free Where’s the pampering? Well, there’s taster Yoga for free at Leytonstone Library E11 as part of Birkbeck’s pop-up university.



Thurs 10th July free  all day up until 4pm ish. The Capital Age Festival at Oxford House in Bethnal Green E2 where some massage is available  along with craft tasters and lots of dance workshops.




More to list soon.


Meanwhile there’s a women in business enterprise opening in St James’ Street E17 area and it’s for 2015/16. People can show interest by applying for a rental place in the new development.


The Pamper Shop is an information sharing service which can offer practical pampering or direct you to practitioners but is not profit-making at all. In fact there is no funding of any sort. The Pamper Shop has applied for a space though at ” Rooms of Our Own” because why not? Someone else may pay the rent.

The Crofter Wife 250613

Charity shops around and about.


chairsFell in love with my two new chairs on discount Sunday at a store near me. Six quid for two chairs them and cars stopped to let me cross like a milk-maiden carrying a yoke with a chair on each arm. I think it’s a charity shop for Kashmir. Great stuff in there opposite the newly decorated sweet-smelling Turkish barbers by Poplar Road E17. Place to be! Next to the never yet used bicycle stands on Lea Bridge Road.
Down apiece is  Sense having its coffee raffle mornings on Friday and Saturday. The time is imminent when I complain about the overloud Jesus music playing as I try to concentrate on bargains and feel my money-bag next to my skin.
Last fortnight I did complain about the racism in the PDSA shop by Tesco in Leyton. Oh staff leader, prove the Roma styled women and children are thieves before you put your mouth into tannoy mode to tell other customers to “watch their handbags!” Never mind Nellie at the back with her wash and set slipping a puzzle into her trolley to ward off Dementia.
By far the best charity shop (remember when they were called “second -hand shops) is the Sally Army down Forest Road. Walthamstow. Proper jumble type with 20p baby clothes and furniture as cheap as chips ….because their attitude is “Sell it”. Oh and framed Renoirs for £8 and thereabouts. The staff are lovely. DJ s can be found, heavily dread-locked meticulously picking through vinyls as women in hijabs push buggies through the clothes racks and baby-wear tubs. Glorious. I remember when the first shalwar kameezes appeared as second-hand on the rails of 1980 polyester day dresses. Then my neighbour sprinkled chapatti crumbs for the starlings out back. Multi-culturalism was at its warmest stage then.
So yes my chairs are for my friends to sit on and applaud the Tour de France cyclists as they whizz through cleaned-up Leyton.

Issue 23 Up Your Street

Sat 21st         June free 10-4pm “East London In Flux” at House Mill in Bromley By Bow. Book yourself at Eventbrite or phone Fundamental Architecture Inclusion. Lunch provided free too. It’ll be brilliant believe me. Wear trainers or sturdy shoes.

Mon 23rd      June £3 1.30-4.30pm Newham Town Hall, Barking Road E6. Tea Dance. Wear sequinned shoes!!

Tues 24th     June free Launch of “London Life” featuring 1980 Travellers’ children.  Photographs exhibition by Colin O’Brien at Hackney Museum 9.30-5.30pm (Not Mondays and Sundays). On until 6th Sept.2014

Wed 25th     June free 11-3pm  Stuart Low Trust outing to Golders Hill Park (phone SLT for info and membership details)

                                   free 6-8.30pm but booked in advance. Berkely Architects  tour at Greenwich Heritage. Check at Eventbrite.

Thurs 26th June free 4.30-6.30pm Homerton Library Hackney (W15 bus).Live Roma music and culture.

Fri 27th        June free 10-4pm SENSE at Bakers Arms coffee morning and raffles. Tomorrow too.

Sat 28th        June £8 11am-1pm Meet Hackney Town Hall to tour old Hackney including Sutton House in Homertn. Book on 07710414240 (next walk is on 12th July around The Round Chapel)

Thurs 3rd      July free William Morris Gallery E17.  Belgian evening. No need to book.

Fri  4th            July free 6.30pm. Tate Britain for Folk Art. All welcome. Nice evening out. No booking required


End  July Rosetta Arts artists exhibit their work at KPMG building in Canary Wharf. Congrats to them as it’s not open to the public. Up Your Street is on the case!


LE TOUR DE FRANCE passes by our manors.


Wed 9th             July free . 11-1pm “Soapbox” at Tate Britain, Phone Tate to book on 02078878888.



Saw something today

I saw something today that I’ve not seen all my adult life. An older woman, dare I say presumed homemaker, was holding her wrought-iron gate at the end of her front garden path and having a good natter to another older woman over the gate. Not seen that ever really. One, she had a garden out front; two, she had a gate when most fronts are now car-ports and three, she was at home. The pair weren’t able to complete the 1950 image because neither woman was white indigenous English. Those tribe members flew away from here a long time ago.

I was on my bus to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery despite I was worn out from a seniors only swim where a mother and toddler and thirty somethings were in the pool too. The bus was taking ages: my enthusiasm was waning, I saw beautiful faces on that bus. I saw a woman with hooded eyes like a Toulouse-Lautrec dancer’s.  I decided that if I never made the Portrait I’d seen enough interesting visages on the bus. I got off and reversed.

I didn’t go to the William Morris Gallery event tonight because I wanted to watch World Cup football. I made chapattis and Quorn spiced mince which I ate with a runcible spoon.

Tomorrow is art class and I think she’ll want us to paint apples in the style of Cézanne.