Pop-Up Cinema at Waltham Forest Libraries

Outa  the door and up the road I flew off to the Capital Age Festival film screening of Monsieur Verdoux at North Chingford Library. I’d spent the morning showing visitors Walthamstow Village and Vestry House Museum and bacon jam in Spar at nearly £3 a jar. (Not flying off the shelves despite the hype. Must be a vegan neighbourhood.) That was tiring in the heat of St Swithin’s Day but we got to smell some honeysuckle and the freshly sawn wood at the many renovation sites along Beulah Road and other tributaries of the sausage shop Orford Road. We saw the what looks like closed down Beautiful Interiors and took photos of baskets on bikes. (What? No bunches of ‘erbs?).

In the North Chingford Library hall I spied the cups of tea and cream buns. Yes I did. I spied Up Your Street subscribers and settled down with a crowd of forty other seniors,  some from U3A, some from the Monday film club, some from care homes and then some all in front of the paper screen. There had been a mix-up where the projector screen was needed elsewhere. Capital Age Staff sorted us out and no-one except me saw the difference.

The film was black and white and long long long  in an airtight room. I can’t stand the clown Charlie Chaplin but today I saw the true silver -streaked actor loving the spot light and his own voice. The buns were fresh.

Susie Miller of Capital Age Festival had put much hard work into expanding the Capital Age Festival into other parts of London other than posh ole Southbank. Up Your Street appreciates that.

The heat was still intense outside at half past five. Sam’s the chippy opposite was doing his usual roaring trade so a group of we  seniors had our early supper there.


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