Living my life like it’s golden

Feet up with JK in order to rest my bones before getting to the Centre For Better Health in Hackney to eat sourdough pizza and make a tile at their Open Evening. This morning was ace at The Lawns in Matthias Road Dalston. I got word last night that June Whitfield an Age UK ambassador was going to be at the dive. I rallied some troops and off we went in another heat-wave to be welcomed by Rick, Chitria and Margaret. Rick’s daughter came through on Skype and tried to be heard over the din in the teaching room. Those noisy silver surfers. Great bunch of people but they’ve not cracked it beyond passwords yet. I jest.

June the actress sat for two hours being photographed next to fawning seniors and cupcakes and cups without saucers. EE was promoting September 9th when they go about some community engagement stunt by closing their tills, (Oh the pain! A butterfly will surely die), and inviting probably seniors into their “tea parties” where seniors can tell stories about tablet use.  I won a tablet off a Tesco competition which was to do with Coca Cola. Back in those days I had no idea what a tablet was. I just saw the word television so assumed it was a small telly. Never saw that £125 prize so emailed Tesco. A gorgeous ivory and silver box arrived containing the gem of a Samsung tablet. I caressed it, kissed it, lent it to someone and so now admire it from afar. It’s safe. How many machines do I need? My mobile phone serves me well. Today those shy old biddies (allowed to say that?) blatantly asked for free tablets. Imagine. Mind you not one promotional pen drive was put on the table.

It was a great morning. Rick was celebrating being above 60 and better and besides milk in the fridge we espied the champers. The Victoria Sandwich was a prop so never touched my lips. It was just lovely. There was  lovely  activity and bustle. There was an assumption that seniors at The Lawns weren’t digital-savvy. Wrong. I await Derek’s Facebook status updates to learn about the latest techno on the market. Many of us took part in a BBC digital advert four years ago where we exposed our love of all things sim. As producers politely asked us to get away from the set-up, Comfort was uploading the photos one second after the click onto FaceBook and out to her global family. Yes!

june wphoto Gillian Lawrence

I asked June Whitfield if she’d ever been to ‘Ackney. She’s a south Londoner. Never the twain shall meet. She’s as tiny as Madonna and just as great.

Up Your Street subscribers are out and about.



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