Disappointed, east London.

Coronation Street is an embarrassment to itself right now with newcomer actors badly acting and  turning up on the cobbles trumpeting shot-through stereotypes in a long-running script. Is that Cheggers playing an incredible crim? Nope, it’s Les Dennis playing Michael who kisses the turtle that is Gail. Then there’s the mother of Khalid (pointedly pronounced Halid)  who did a sit-in instead of cooking for Eid in her  Moslem family home which nestles in its token state somewhere on the Street. It is Cringe Street, I tell you.


The text-book hand movements and facial expressions of the newbies  distract from the script and are insults to the acting skills of she who plays Leanne and the guy who developed David Platt.

There’s a weak nod to the light-bulb moment  that all viewers may want their where I/my family originally come from hinted at. Label that a big fat fail.

Upon Googling, I see that the Corrie people thought it a good idea to bring in their first Muslim family in order to represent the multi-cultural world out there. You do realise it’s 2014 and any Asian looking child on the bus my way is English through and through. I do believe we the audience realise we’re all  living in a multi-ethnic UK  previously called multi-cultural UK and we’ve actually moved on to know that multi-culturalism was a good phrase to get community funding  and that halal meat is available in Tesco and other leading supermarkets. Khalid is no longer sensational since 1974!  Coronation Street we did it before you.

Shelley King was thrust in as  Khalid’s mother and reminds us of the wicked stepmother  in the story book illustrations of  “Sleeping Beauty”. Can she even act though? It’s shout and shout and keep some kinda Indian accent running through. Unbearable. Let’s remember she is cast as  grandmother too whose business- man husband allows her to be mouthy and neglect his son’s children while she sits-in for  a library protest with weirdo Roy. That first Moslem family (whoopee!) will be the only and last Moslem family on the cobbles but that woman’s harsh tones will echo through the back alleys and onto Ena Sharples’ dustbin annoyingly.

Watch the lesbians become parents: that’ll be better acted.


There’s a space on a pedestal for Rita and Gail bearing the strong Northern white woman flag to forgive sons  and offenders and then go on to  solve problems. Very Virginia Woolf. All full of angst.

The double doses of Corrie on Mondays and Fridays have become torture.

Facebook had driven me away too. It’s full to the column edges of images of toddlers in pain from their abusive backward malicious evil parents or from Israeli strikes and bombs. I’ve seen photos of crucifixions. Imagine that! After years of primary school  indoctrination seeing a Jesus guy hanging off a cross set in front of an Elysian field and retaining that fictional picture all my life then in 2014 a Facebook friend will send me a real photo of young stallions in Levi jeans in another desert and rock country executed by crucifixion, a death reserved for Moslems who swapped over to Christianity. O religion, you temptress.

There’s always “Family Guy”.


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