issue 27. Up Your Street

Mon 4th Aug free but you’ll need a ticket from the Town Hall. 8-9.30pm. A commemoration of WW1 at the Assembly Hall Forest Rd E17. Lit candles and words/poems.

Tues 5th Aug free  11-2pm Social meet up for friends of the hospice at St Joseph’s Hospice Mare St Hackney. Sharing “Travel Stories”. No need to book. Refreshments too.

Wed 6th Aug free 1-2.30pm via the Claremont Project Islington so you need to be a registered member. (just go to the Project in White Lion Street Islington and give your name and fill in an health form). Visit to the National Gallery exploring “What is a portrait?”

Thurs 7th Aug fiver. Hand in to The Mill e17 your work for the “Soft” exhibition. Up to three items can be entered for £15


Fri 8th    Aug free 11-1pm A Camden Arts workshop via Claremont again, (see 6th Aug for t&c)

Morrisons in Bakers Arms opened recently but is so not busy what with big established Tesco opposite and Iceland around the corner. Go in at 5pm and see good food at a third of the original price. Bargains.

Have you noticed the line of trees sprung up on the green patch between Elm Park Rd E10 (rarely on a map) and Orient Way, and on (?) Knotts Green ? Super.

When the borough sorts out the once “parade” opposite Sybourn Infant School and gives it a lift á la Bakers Arms then the residents living in one of the most deprived parts of the borough (Waltham Forest, what no theatre?) may smile.


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