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Message from Waltham Forest


“At Lloyd Park, we’ve got free Tai Chi sessions for Asian and Muslim women coming up. The sessions are indoors and with a female teacher. They’re on Fridays, from 19 September-24 October, at 10-11.30am, in the Aveling Centre Community Room. Benefit from gentle movements to improve your fitness and calm your mind and enjoy exercising with other women from your community. All abilities welcome. Free childcare available (places limited, £20 deposit required). To find out more, or book, contact Aileen: 020 3670 3005 or 07713 152 999 (text only).

If you’re wondering why we’re offering these sessions to Asian and Muslim women only, it’s because we’re working to encourage people who don’t use the park, or find it hard to do so, to start using Lloyd Park. Currently, not many local people from Asian communities are using the park. Parks and park activities bring many benefits and we’d like everyone to be able to access these. We offer lots of other activities in Lloyd Park ( and Dao Lu (who we’re working with) offer lots of other Tai Chi classes in the borough.


Also coming up:

–          Big Butterfly Count family activity – tomorrow (5 Aug), 10am-1pm

–          Under-5s Club Teddy Bears’ Picnic – 6 August, 10am-12noon

–          African Fabrics family activity – 12 August, 10am-1pm

–          Bat & Moth night family activity – 19 August, 7.30-9pm

–          Free group exercise classes are on-going:

Plus, are you interested in learning gardening or improving your growing skills? We’re currently looking into what gardening courses or workshops people would like to do in Lloyd Park. If you’re interested, please e mail Cathy McLoughlin (who works for Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service) with your details and whether you’d like to see daytime, evening, weekend or weekday opportunities offered. Plus are you looking for a qualification, or one-off workshops?”


PS.I will say that whenever I go to Lloyd Park I see only Asian women and kiddies apart from one trannie.


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