Organically in the library

Oh yes it was good today at the free Waltham Forest library event with Malena of Organiclea describing the great ways to grow veggie. Even a child enrolled. (The booking system for the Library Promotions is nonsense anyway.) Latecomers arrived half way through and still the class was not full, The highlight for many was the informal chat and then the grabbing of beetroot seedlings and sunflower seeds. My own awesome moment was when Mr Bloomalike said that his garden was too long and he offers it to anyone present to cultivate at their leisure. I heard the cynics’ groans.

Rushed over to Maryland to install RAGWORKS at The Rabbit Hole E15, Nicci even took in bunting left over from le Tour De France and made by RAGWORKS in order to festoon her shop front. My gratitude is in my smile,

Had a plate of chips with Sue  and Sarah, watched the lightning then got the bus back to Leyton.

Job done


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