Hang on there.

Up Your Street as a community group met up at The V&A today to enjoy the Wedding exhibition, something about definitive collection museum Hartnell. To we it’s an expensive gig if we’re paying the full whack and believe us it’s not worth a Castlemaine XXXX. it’s a wedding dress history of the moneyed class back in the day 1843 and coming forward. It’s okay; it’s not stunning .There’s a little nod to multi-culturalism  and funnily enough, the uninteresting African design matched for the bride and the groom is at least stuck on mannequins with some heftiness about them. It’s Rock n Roll if you’re at the party.

Downstairs in the space reminiscent of a tiered wedding cake (yep! Spotted) are the trains, dresses and corsets of those without bodies in the 1930s and 1800s. There was no insight into the lives of the wearers unless that meant newspaper cuttings about the celebrities i.e, the landowning rich and their nuptials. It was not a willingly shared history. We were looking over the fence and wondering how poor were the seamstresses sewing pearls into seams and zips into secret hideaways.

Daniel had a walking stick and a bag of goodies. We waited for each other as some were forging new friendships over the reading of descriptions next to crazy wild dresses on the cake’s upper tier.. Outdoors kiddies were splashing in the pool. Out came our chocolate wafers, fizzy drink and fruit of course. The place was busy.

What was good was the sight of wheelchairs in every cubby hole in the Museum. Bit like bicycles in Amsterdam. Pick up ride and put down.

The lift was out. In a whole big famous building the lift was broken so people with weak legs did not see what was upstairs. Suddenly it was working then the doors wouldn’t open.

Poor show. 

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