Hackney’s over 60s are invited to be part of the Hackney Circle.

Hackney residents aged 60 and over are invited to join a new membership scheme called the Hackney Circle, which will provide free events, activities and a range of special offers in cafés, restaurants and cultural venues in and around Dalston Square.

Launching on 17 September at the Dalston CLR James Library, the new initiative will offer Hackney’s over 60s an exciting programme of free events, activities and special offers that have been tailored following feedback from the area’s older residents.

The nine-week pilot scheme hopes to build friendships by providing social spaces. Events include a special film screening at the Rio cinema of the documentary Fabulous Fashionistas, a Mediterranean garden party at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden with Melek from Cafe Route, a performance of Misbehaving at the Arcola Theatre and a month-long programme of photo preservation workshops at the Hackney Archives. Membership is open to all Hackney residents aged 60 and over.

All Hackney Circle members will receive a booklet packed-full of special offer vouchers for cafés, restaurants and leisure activities that will introduce residents to spaces where they may have never visited before to socialise with others from all age groups.

Participating restaurants and cafés will also introduce Hackney Circle


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