Hackney Empire Elders

Hackney Empire Elders is alive and kicking and today’s meeting at St Joseph’s Hospice Hackney was just buzzing.

I had no idea I’d be going to a formal meeting : I thought I was going along for a start-up social group all about Hackney and its Empire.  I’d been contacting the Elders with no response forever. By chance an Up Your Street subscriber is the group’s secretary and another, the chair! Adam and Eve it?

Didn’t feel too comfortable at first because I was new and because they all talked of going to theatres and events where the average ticket could be a tenner. Up Your Street concentrates on free events around the perimeter of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park formally the six London 2012 Boroughs. That’s the difference.

It was a warm and jolly meeting and  of course I picked up lots of interesting information to pass on and how Leonie will read a poem for Black History Month (we still doin’ that?) at Hackney Museum, how a “Let’s see the poppies at the Tower of London” would pan out and then Bob spoke all about his personal journey through multi-cultural Hackney over fifty years. Empire? Hackney?

Special thanks to Kay and Maggie for my welcome.

PS. Credit to  Laurie for negotiating with the Hospice for the Elders to hold their meetings there for they have no home.

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