My bus journeys on Older Person’s Day 2014

What a title for a day, eh?june w

Anyhoo I had to get to The Mill E17 today to reclaim RAGWORKS from its exhibition. Central Line was down and so some bus passengers were on diversion from their usual subterranean voyages and were looking out of the windows, mobiles in hands wondering whether a bus carnival were happening at Central’s bus station. Red, red, red everywhere. The bus driver was as helpful as pie to passengers and I joined in the banter. The stunning thing in all this was that the driver was actually interacting with his passengers and he was mildly surprised when I said that we passengers get the impression  that we’re nuisances in TFL’s manic bus schedules. He said that passengers are ignored because in the main the public are mannerless and drivers get the brunt of every frustration. I agree totally.up_your_street_2[1] (2)


I submitted my controversial RAGWORKS wall-hangings to Rosetta Arts Centre for an upcoming art exhibition in Plaistow all about anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking.

ragworks a la vistaprint

RAGWORKS hung like meatHung Like Meat

RAGWORKS knocked up Knocked Up

dont take my child 3Don’t Take My Child.

All this travelling takes hours and today was hot, hot, hot. I love going there to Rosetta: David , the community outreach guy is cheerful always and welcoming. The building is an old Victorian school; tiled walls, parké floors, turrets and tiny windows.

Job done, scooted out and ran for the 276. Lily was there on the bus sitting tight with her shopper/walker and began a conversation by saying she felt guilty about her walker taking up space in the aisle. Guilty! My camel. I told her the buses were designed for her. I also announced that it was Older Person’s Day. She said she felt no different but that the day was yet young.


Her daughter has chickens and brought down half a dozen eggs. She went into the cupboard and accidentally poked an egg open. Then she accidentally poked three more eggs so had fried eggs for breakfast. Yummy. On her next journey to Tesco she bought six eggs, packed them into her walker basket and trundled onto the bus. A drunk man sat next to her and chatted then insisted on helping her off the bus. In coping with the walker he managed to smash two of the six eggs. Lily lives on fried eggs! She said she didn’t know why she was telling me all this but I’m passing on her tales, my adventures from the buses on Older Person’s Day 2014

good life



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