On the Subject of Older Persons

I do like a bit of Tate. On Sunday was Silver Soapbox at Tate Britain. I know, who knew? Barbara did and she shared her info. It was Silver Sunday. New on me that one…. and on all gathered there. There were the intern-types in their tee-shirts emblazoned with the words “Silver Sunday Celebrating Older People” and there we were the over 55s tee shirt less. Don’t want one.

A small group attended and debated the depiction of older people in portraits. It was an excellent debate. You know the middle classes like to exercise their jaws and the rising class have always got something to say! Amongst us we had art historians, recently graduated seniors having read art history at Birkbeck and Patricia Rochford to espouse her views on how older people should act in order to be seen.

I enjoyed being there. Through Soapbox I feel comfortable at  Tate Britain. I used to hate the journey there: Tate Modern is one bus ride away. All is good now. Soapbox artistWe from Up Your Street had our cheese rolls in the October sun and pushed on to Hackney Central for the Hackney Empire tea dance where Hackney Empire Elders would sing their songs to commemorate WW1. At the end of that craziness where tea was £1.50 a cup, two of our party were handed tickets to go and watch Lenny Henry in the show at 5pm.

No, wasn’t jealous. What’s that in my eye?

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