The deconstruction of the female gender stereotype…….again.

Learnt nothing. Up Your Street subscribers met at Bethnal Green in the rain and enjoyed the umbrellas and the reflection of neon lights in the puddles. You know the scene. We made our way to Derbyshire Street to a very busy Oxford House for our workshop. There were cameras and camera women everywhere and enough ginger biscuits to feed a small navy.

Ever since my dad told my brother not to wash up because he had sisters to do that I have been conscious of the powers operating on my gender role. It’s been a long talking to the brick wall of a life. Of course not every woman tonight was on the same page about knowing the influence of advertisements on how women are expected to look and behave. Not everyone has seen a naked white dick. I was irritated whenever I heard the words muscle and masculine together and feminine as pink and cuddly. On the other hand this was a day I’d been waiting for; women together debating who we are over a cup of tea in an art workshop. Nirvana nearly.

gender art

What rhymes with flap?



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